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Why Learn English?

I want my kids to learn english because I want them to:

Levelling System

There are 5 levels on adults category available at ESC

SpeakUp Starter

3 Months

Want to be fluent in using English in daily conversations? Strengthen your English foundation in SpeakUp Starter Class.

SpeakUp Flyer

3 Months

Still not confident in using English in formal settings? Learn how to communicate effectively in SpeakUp Flyer Class.

SpeakUp Advanced

3 Months

Struggling to communicate in English? Learn structure, advanced vocabulary, and how to speak professionally.

SpeakUp Pro

6 Months

Ready to bring your English to the #NextLevel? Hone your English public speaking skills in SpeakUp Pro!

English for Business

6 Months

Want a better career, but are stuck because you're not confident in your English skills? Master personal branding, business meetings, business writing, and presentation skills in English for Business.

What will you get?

Build Confidence

Activities in our classes will help students gain more confidence in speaking english.

Applied Learning

Students will constantly be exposed with real world situation to apply what they learn in class.

Active Learning

Students will actively participate in classes as our activities include roleplay, games, personal coach, in-class debates.

Professional Communication

Have better career by learning how to communicate professionally and effectively with your colleagues and impress your boss.

What our alumni say


Vania C

Mahasiswa Berprestasi at Universitas Indonesia

Pre-teens 1 - TOEFL iBT

Project2 di ESC bukan hanya menantang saya untuk percaya diri dan menguasai bahasa inggris, namun juga melatih kemampuan berpikir kritis saya. Manfaatnya sangat terasa saat saya di bangku kuliah dimana fondasi yang kuat sejak dini memampukan saya untuk meraih banyak sekali prestasi.

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